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Hello, Expertise. Hello, Technology.

When it comes to international supply chain and logistics, it’s all about experience: leveraging our resources and relying on key relationships while incorporating the best technology. With decades of tenured international executives and strategic coordinators, your ClearFreight team is simply unmatched.


We are not just about the technology. We are also about the people.

At ClearFreight, we've created a collaborative environment that fosters loyalty and growth.
Our vision is to be an industry leader in delivering Customer Forward solutions in global logistics that ensures success for our customers and our people, by leveraging on our years of experience and commitment to technology advancements.

ClearFreight was founded in San Francisco in 1973 as a Customs House Broker. Yes, we know our stuff!
Over the years we've continually strived for excellence and have achieved steady growth. Our success is due to constant emphasis on the value of our people, coupled with the most innovative procedures and technology in the industry. That's why we're one of the most tenured companies in the world.

"Who We Are" Video

"Who We Are" Video.

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