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2019: A Year of Increased Trucking Violations in the United States

Truck drivers are being cited with more moving violations in the United States than in previous years, and shippers must respond to this trend to avoid supply chain issues.

In the past year, for example, speeding violations issued for truck drivers going 15 mph or more above regulations rose more than 10%. While it’s unknown if the change is attributed to more speeding or better enforcement, what is known is speeding causes accidents and accidents, in turn, cause delays and hardship.

One in 5 fatal truck accidents involve speeding, so there’s a lot more than cargo at stake when truck drivers decide to speed. A sizable increase in violations occurred when truck drivers sped through work zones, which is a particularly dangerous offense.

Shippers must respond to these statistics by changing their company’s culture and investing in technology. It’s theorized that one reason that truck drivers speed is because of increased pressure from the supply chain. It’s true that shipping businesses have supply chain needs at the core of their infrastructure. For this reason, shippers may benefit from finding new ways to communicate with drivers who might otherwise feel pressured to speed.

Another way to ensure driver accountability when it comes to obeying the speed limit is to deploy technology solutions, like trucking platform software that monitors speed or regulates vehicles. For shippers, this may require a sizable investment, but in the long run, it can save money, cargo, and lives.

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