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ClearFreight ReBrand: International Edition 🌎

As we wrote about last month, our rebrand focused on how we modernized our logo and brand platform to better suit the demands of today’s digital landscape. With hundreds of employees across 4 continents, ClearFreight’s team is truly international, which provided yet another branding challenge:

How to meet the needs of a wide array of nationalities and cultures all working under one brand?

The purpose of a logo is to build recognition by repetition. So conventionally, the solution would be to maintain one logo version for full international usage. However, being that ClearFreight is such a people-centric business, we’ve found that our logo becomes a direct expression of their identity and a reflection of their work, all tied to a strong sense of nationality. The best way to personalize that logo experience, therefore, was to adapt our mark to reflect the specific colors for each country where ClearFreight has offices, derived from the colors of their national flags, in addition to colors influenced by cultural and/or historical symbolism.

ClearFreight's international logo collection.

With the core of our mark strongly based on the “CF” graphic and logotype bundle, along with the commonality of our ClearFreight grey in each execution, our international color variations still carry that crucial brand recognition, while providing a nod to each country’s unique look.

ClearFreight is constantly expanding, as shown by the recent addition of our new Taiwan office this year. We can’t wait to share new color palettes we come up with for future countries as we add them to the mix.

Thanks for talking shop with us!

The ClearFreight Family

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