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ClearFreight the Netherlands: A Brief History of the Country, Culture, and the Color Orange

The Kingdom of Netherlands is the official name of the country known simply as the Netherlands to most. Within the borders of the Netherlands, Holland is a popular destination made up of Noord-Holland and Zuid-Holland. The name Holland, however, is sometimes erroneously taken out of context to refer to the whole Kingdom of Netherlands, a nation of regions currently led by King Willem-Alexander.

In the Netherlands, orange is an important color. It’s orange that can be found on the Prince of Nassau's coat of arms, after all.

The orange craze is traceable back to the very roots of the Netherlands—orange is the color of the Dutch royal family. The lineage of the current dynasty—the House of Orange-Nassau—dates back to Willem van Oranje (You guessed it, William of Orange). Today, orange is worn at sporting events as a celebratory color pulled from the coat of arms.

The Netherlands may be a small country, but it's packed with culture.

Visitors and locals alike lose themselves in the discovery of bulb fields, windmills, cheese markets, wooden shoes, canals of Amsterdam, works by the ‘Old Masters’, Delft Blue earthenware, innovative water-management, millions of bicycles and world-famous DJ’s like Tiësto, Armin van Buuren, Martin Garrix, Hardwell, Afrojack, Ferry Corsten, Nicky Romero and more.

One such visitor-turned-local, Asger Jensen, is the Managing Director in ClearFreight’s Rotterdam office. Jensen is from the country of Denmark. He describes it as a small country “where the biggest attractions are the Little Mermaid, Tivoli and Copenhagen.”

Jensen began at DFDS Transport, which has since been rebranded as DSV - Panalpina, in 1990. He started as a trainee and soon became a dispatcher. Within the first ten years of his career, Jensen found himself living in Los Angeles after getting a job at ClearFreight’s headquarters.

It wasn’t long before ClearFreight saw an opportunity to bring Jensen back to Europe where he could help get the Dutch operation off the ground. Over 20 years in the Netherlands, Jensen has helped open two offices and employs a team of 24 people.

Similarly, Amsterdam branch manager, Victor Bakels, started his freight career in 1980 with KLM Cargo. Working in the industry more than three decades, he fulfilled various management positions in air freight, both in the Netherlands and Singapore, until landing his role at ClearFreight Amsterdam.

In his current position, Bakels strategizes about what steps ClearFreight must make, globally, to secure growth and fulfill company ambitions.

“Our growth is dependent on our customers’ growth. The only way for us to move forward is to help our customers to move forward,” Bakels said.

For this reason, ClearFreight’s Rotterdam (ocean freight) and Amsterdam (air freight) branches are dedicated to serving customers, starting with a customer-centric culture. With 24 dedicated colleagues in the Netherlands, day in day out, ClearFreight provides customers with dedicated, high-quality services and offers peace of mind.

For help with your shipments to/from the Netherlands, please contact

ClearFreight. Customer forward.

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