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Disruptive technology brings advances in shipping and logistics

The transportation, shipping and supply chain industries are no stranger to innovation and technology. Disruption occurs at almost every turn when it comes to helping logistics companies meet compliance standards and get ahead of the competition. Here are some ways shipping and logistics companies have been disrupted by important technology that improves the lives of shippers and clients:

Amazon Trend Setting

It’s hard to discuss disruption without talking about Amazon, and that’s true in the shipping world as well. Amazon acquired Whole Foods amidst speculation they did so to dig in their grocery footprint or to gain a new foothold in retail. Savvy shippers may have noticed, however, the shipping advantage that a relationship with Whole Foods brings.

Whole Foods operates more than 400 nationwide locations, with a large network of distributors that can move product quickly, wherever it needs to go. Now Amazon has access to the same distribution connections, further affirming themselves as a shipping leader and setting disruptive trends through its recent acquisition.

Delivery drones

There’s much discussion in the shipping industry about delivery drones. While individual states may have laws regulating drone delivery, companies have already created shipping drones that will have some impact on the industry as a whole. It remains to be seen how delivery drones will change the logistics industry, but it’s certainly a technology to watch.

Speed modulation and self-driving trucks

During the Obama administration, legislation was proposed that would have made truck drivers use speed modulation software and hardware to keep them from going over regulated speed limits. Today, that technology exists and has been furthered into the exploration of self-driving trucks.

While self-driving technology does exist in parts of the world, it’s far from impacting American truck drivers. The reality for today’s truckers is much more likely to be speed modulation. However, as we move into the next era of technology, self-driving automobiles are likely to make an appearance and, perhaps, an impact.

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