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Form B13: What is it and When is it Used?

The import/export industry is ruled by regulations and laws put into place to ensure that goods going from one country to another are controlled. If you are new to the export business, all of the forms, permits, licenses, and certificates can get confusing. To add to the confusion, each country has their own requirements--for example, Canada’s form B13.

For those who have seen or heard of the B13 form and are confused as to what it is and who needs to use it, please keep reading.

Export Declaration

In short, B13 is an export declaration. To expand on this, this specific form is required by Canadian Customs and Statistic Canada. It is used to register exports leaving Canada, which allows the country control over all goods and an exact report of what leaves. Those who need to use this form depend on what is being exported and the goods’ destination.

Use a B13 In the Following Situations

  • For the export of goods out of Canada that are controlled, prohibited, or regulated. Regardless of value of destination, two copies of the B13 form are required.

  • If the value of the goods is CAD$2000 or more and the destination is outside of the United States or any of the US protectorates, including Puerto Rico or the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Be Prepared

For any Canadian exporter, it is important to have all documents ready to go well before the time the goods leave. While the Canadian Export Reporting System is web-based and easy-to-use, it is important to always double check and ensure the B13 form is filled out correctly with all the necessary information. Also, pay attention to deadlines. If the goods try to leave without the proper declaration, it can result in delays as well as fines. If traveling by air, rail, or post service, the cut off time for filing a B13 is two hours before goods are loaded. If traveling by marine vessel, the cut off is 48 hours before loading and the cut off for road transportation is immediately before leaving.

Logistics can be confusing, whether its importing or exporting there are many moving parts, which means a lot can go wrong. Having a company like ClearFreight in your corner can alleviate some of the stress and confusion that comes with supply chains. To learn how we can help you with B13 forms or anything else regarding your supply chain, contact us today.

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