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How ClearFreight Is Responding To COVID-19

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

Over the last few months, while the events of COVID-19 have unfolded, almost every industry across the globe has been required to adapt. From moving employees to safer locations to managing work-from-home schedules to having to close doors of factories, stores, restaurants--in such a short time, a lot has changed.

As upsetting and worrisome as these times are, ClearFreight is here to help. Considered an “Essential Business”, we are operating normal business hours at full speed. Right now, it is our duty to do our part in facilitating the transportation of global goods and managing the supply chain. As always, we continue to focus on helping you deliver items to their destinations around the globe.

With that in mind, it is important to note that we are also doing our part to protect our employees and workers. Most of our offices are on a work-from-home schedule with only vital staff members in the building and skeleton crews at the warehouses. Thanks to our committed staff, we are able to continue our services with excellence.

From the words of our President, Kenji Go,

Proud to be a strong company that can support and help in these times, ClearFreight is confident in our ability to ride this one out--helping businesses and helping you.

ClearFreight. Customer forward.

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