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Introducing ClearFreight Chile - Santiago Office

Despite all the civil unrest and protests happening in Chile right now, ClearFreight’s Santiago team is still standing strong! We’d like to take this chance to introduce our qualified team in Santiago making sure all of our valuable clients’ shipments are handled in the smoothest and most efficient way possible!

Raul Katz, ClearFreight Santiago Branch Manager

Having worked in the international trade/ commercial sector for over 40 years, Raul is no stranger in the dynamic industry of freight forwarding. In the 90s he was responsible for opening and developing DCL-Vanguard in South America. Again in 2010 he helped Carotrans open and develop the Chilean, Peruvian, and Ecuadorian trade lanes. In 2018 he finally joined the ClearFreight family to open our first Chilean office that currently serves as our main coordination hub in South America.

Fun fact: Raul has a set of quadruplets - 2 sons and 2 daughters!

Jose Ramon Jotta, ClearFreight Santiago Vice President of Sales

Jose Ramon has over 28 years of experience in freight forwarding and management. Due to his vast experience in difference commercial industries such as beverage, seafood, retail, and international trade (just to name a few), he is helping our Santiago team develop the consumer retail and industrial sectors in Chile. Working hand-in-hand with branch manager Raul, they aren’t just opening new doors… they are knocking down all obstacles stand in their way to unique opportunities!

Fun fact: Jose Ramon is the proud father of 2 lovely twin girls!

Carlos Brieba, ClearFreight Santiago Operations Manager

Carlos has over 26 years of experience in the logistics and retail industries such as beverage, office supplies, and even agriculture. He partook on crucial roles in important projects such as new product and market development, as well as the construction of production and overseas facilities. Currently he is responsible for the day-to-day operations in our Santiago office allowing Raul and Jose Ramon to focus their efforts on developing and securing new business!

Fun fact: Carlos is a proud father of 4 daughters and a sausage dog (Dachshund)!... a sizable reduction from 9 sausage dogs, allowing more room for everyone to run around.

Natalia Saravia, ClearFreight Santiago Customer Service Supervisor

Natalia came from the familiar industries of international trade and logistics. Having spent many years with DCL-Vanguard and Capital Trade, Natalia has over 18 years of experience in customer service. As ClearFreight Santiago’s Customer Service Supervisor, she is making sure all of our customers are receiving the best customer service care!

Fun fact: Natalia is a pet lover and is a proud mommy of 3 stray dogs that she adopted!

For help with your shipments to/from Chile or South America, please contact

ClearFreight. Customer forward.

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