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Meeting Shipping Deadlines | A Thank You Note from A Trusted Client

Deadlines. Cancellations. Chargebacks. These are familiar dreadful terms for importers and shippers alike. Especially for startups, missing a target ship-date could mean losing revenue for an entire season. Such was the case for Charla Tedrick, the up-and-coming CEO/Owner/Designer at Charla Tedrick, LLC.

Last summer, the young CEO had many sleepless nights when her manufacturer missed a shipping deadline for the entire season. Luckily, ClearFreight was the backbone of her supply chain network. Here at ClearFreight SFO, we cared for Charla’s shipment the same way she cares for her business. With lots of diligence and caution, ClearFreight was able to deliver Charla’s freight just in time to process her purchase orders. As for Charla, she was able to cheerfully get back to doing what she does best: designing shoes. For more info on ClearFreight and our services, please visit For the newest releases from Charla, please visit or on Instagram @Charla_Tedrick. Model: Emilie Luna.

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