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Spotlight: ClearFreight Chile

ClearFreight Chile is a fully commercial office, looking at all of the opportunities in Import, Export, Air and Ocean. They are pushing hard throughout USA, China, Canada, Netherlands and Japan, leveraging their internal network. But not only that, we are also expanding business thought other Companies part of the Clearfreight Net Work

We define ourselves as Special Team working with Special people.

ClearFreight Chile. From left: Paulina Martinez, Josefina Herrera and Raul Katz.

Raul Katz has worked for almost his whole life in the international freight forwarding industry, opening offices for DCL back in 1990 and later in 2010 for CaroTrans. Prior to joining ClearFreight, Operations lead Josefina Herrera worked for 7 years at MOL in Operations and Sales Export. Paulina Martinez worked for 7 years as Office Manager at the Australian Chamber of Commerce before coming to ClearFreight. She now serves as ClearFreight Chile's Office Manager.

The ClearFreight Chile team working on their next big project.

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