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🚢 Spotlight: ClearFreight Houston. Assisting Greek Client with Urgent Vessel Repairs

Unexpected vessel repairs can be very hard to take care of in the best of situations, but when your company is located half way across the world it can really be a problem to provide the products and services needed on the “Just in Time” basis required to keep the ship on schedule.

ClearFreight Houston warehouses marine rope for a client in Greece.  The client received an urgent call from a vessel master who was in dire need of a replacement on a vessel that had docked over a weekend and was required  to sail Monday morning.  The office was closed for the weekend and the client was afraid he would have to let his ship owner down by not being able to provide the needed rope before the ship sailed.  An urgent call was made on Sunday morning and Clearfreight Houston responded.  We quickly sent in a hot shot driver who would pick up right away, opened up our warehouse and loaded the rope so that it could be delivered to the ship by Sunday evening.  The ship was able to depart Monday morning fully repaired and on schedule.  The client was relieved to know that even from Greece, they could reach someone who would do what was needed to make it happen. And this is the kind of service that ClearFreight Houston provides.

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