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Turnkey Project Mining Machinery | USA to Peru

Recently, in concert with our partner in Peru, Altius Logistics, we successfully handled the move of a disassembled Ball Mill used in mining applications. The goods consisted of 13 oversize/ overweight pieces + accessories which had been sitting outdoors in a field for an extended period of time. Our job was to provide a turn key solution encompassing arrangements to get the machinery lifted, loaded, trucked, packed, cleared for export by US Customs, and, ultimately, shipped to Peru where Altius would move inland to the final destination from Callao port.


  • Site Visit to determine requirements for lifting and transport requirements.

  • Preparing goods with adequate lifting eyes to safely handle all units with cranes.

  • Contracting of a rigger/ crane for loading of the goods at origin.

  • Contracting of 14 trucks w/ permits and escorts to transport oversize goods to port.

  • Packing for the oversize goods and packing/ loading of accessories into 3 x 40’ HC containers

  • Transfer of all fully prepared goods to Baltimore port

  • All terminal arrangements for receiving and loading cargo to mafi trailers.

  • All necessary outbound Customs formalities

  • Ocean transport to Callao port

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