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When “Customer Forward” Brings Humanity Forward 🏆

What does ClearFreight’s tagline “Customer forward” mean? It means we help our customers reach their vision and goals so they can focus on the bigger picture - and sometimes it literally results in moving humanity forward.

Ki Mobility, an American company that manufactures innovative wheelchairs, has an admirable vision to produce products that improve lives and make mobility easier for their users. ClearFreight was honored to recently collaborate with Ki Mobility to sponsor Rick’s Run/Walk/Roll and raise funds for the CURE Childhood Cancer organization. The event consisted of a 5K run, walk or roll, and a children’s one-mile race. Over 188 participants, 25 volunteers, and 39 sponsors participated in this event on August 24th to raise over $12,000 toward this worthy cause. ♿️

It’s no coincidence that Ki Mobility and ClearFreight share the same vision. Ki (pronounced [kē]) is actually a Greek root word that means “to set in motion”. Working hand-in-hand with ClearFreight, Ki Mobility is able to deliver top-of-the-line innovative wheelchairs to set their users’ lives in motion. This is the very kind of impact that ClearFreight strives to help its customers make.

For more information on Ki Mobility, please visit To find out how ClearFreight can propel your business forward, please visit

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